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What They Don’t Teach You In Real Estate School

So you’ve decided to become a real estate broker. You’ve selected a school, gone to your classes, studied hard, and learned exactly what you need to know to pass your exam. With luck, you’ll get that coveted license. Then what?

All of those things you learned to pass the exam, while they’re good to know, aren’t going to make you a successful real estate agent.

Perhaps the most important decision you make in starting your career is choosing the right office where you’ll feel comfortable and will receive support. You need an active Broker in Charge to be your mentor, a friendly office staff to help you learn the processes, and helpful fellow agents to impart wisdom based on experience.

You’ll need to learn how to find clients, how to keep track of paperwork, how to market your listings, and how to stay on top of industry trends. Of course, you can’t overestimate the importance of finding a knowledgeable and response lender, thorough inspectors, and a great closing attorney.

So while you’re learning metes and bounds, how to fill out a Closing Disclosure, and the difference between fee simple and life estates, know that this only the first part of your real estate education. What comes next – the knowledge you’ll get from practicing real estate every day – is where the steepest learning curve happens.

Our small school offers what larger schools cannot – the opportunity for the kind of discussions that help students gain insight into “what comes next”. We work to ensure our students are better prepared to enter a complex and fast-moving industry and, if our students should make the decision to come on board with us at Weichert, to provide the support and ongoing education they need for an exciting and successful career in real estate!

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